Wednesday, 30 March 2016

LVC Director Nominated as Perth Delegate for 2016 PIBF

The 2016 Perth International Burlesque Festival is hitting town soon and this year residents have the chance to vote for their local 'Delegates' to participate in panels, discussions and events. Delegates are influential individuals who contribute to Perth's blossoming burlesque scene and are well-respected amongst artists, audiences and promoters.

It's with great pleasure that we announce that our very own director Stella (aka Miss Vita Flame) has been nominated as a delegate for 2016!

You can click here to view the full list of nominees, and to vote for your top five delegates.

Congratulations Vita, and happy birthday for today too! <3

x Lady Velvet Cabaret

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Lady Velvet Cabaret's visit to Busselton!

We were thrilled to have three of our gorgeous performers participating in the Busselton Fringe Festival over the weekend!

Lucinda Panties, Lola Moore, and Sugar du Joure were all featured in the Burlesque @ Busselton show, which was produced by our own Lady Pussyfoot!

The girls took to the stage for the first time on 11th March to a full house at the historic Weld Theatre, and absolutely rocked it! The crowd on the 12th of March had an absolute blast too, with some of Perth's best circus, dance and burlesque performers, plus prizes from sponsor Red Leopard Photography.

Lola Moore and Sugar du Joure were also cast members in the 'Murder Me Hearties' show - a thrilling murder mystery which lead audiences on a (literal) journey along the Busselton Jetty on the tourist train! Lola played a glamorous and posh lady pirate, whilst Sugar's character was a feisty and busty (of course) Russian. We won't give away the ending for you, but we were impressed by the audience's sleuthing skills.

Lucinda Panties branched out and performed her solo musical stand-up comedy show 'I Owe My Parents $65,000' on two nights at the historic Courtroom and then at Acting Up studio. She wow'd audiences not only with her stage presence and jokes, but talent too - she performed on no less than four different musical instruments! Lucinda also participated in the Body Paint parade on Saturday afternoon - but not as a model... as an artist! Check out her creation below.

We'd like to thank the organisers of the Busselton Fringe Festival for hosting our performers, and the venue teams and volunteers for their hard work. Big thanks also to Red Leopard Photography for not only sponsoring the burlesque show, but for the glamorous jetty photoshoot with Sugar and Lola - the photos are so beautiful.

x Lady Velvet Cabaret

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Q&A with Sugar du Joure - What place does Comedy have in Burlesque?

We sat down with glamour queen Sugar du Joure, who has been working her luscious toosh off throughout Perth's Fringe Festival, performing in countless shows with her unique brand of character-heavy burlesque. Sugar is gaining renown internationally for her special blend of comedic talent and striptease, and she's agreed to share her secrets and tips with us!

LVC: What is it that drew you to burlesque originally?

SDJ: Burlesque is such an inclusive style of performance it is definitely not limited in terms of what a performer may reveal onstage. I once saw a performer pop a bottle of champagne and hold it between her bosom as she poured it into the glasses of her audience members. Burlesque performers seek to surprise and delight within their acts, and they are always so entertaining to watch.

LVC: You clearly have a flair for comedy - in fact you had one routine at LVC's Hey Hey It's Cabaret game show all about how to create the perfect burlesque act and "face" was actually a big part of that. Can you explain how you incorporate your comedy skills into your burlesque routines?
SDJ: I always want to provide my audience with a punchline, just like every burlesque performer has a ‘reveal’. All you need is a basic concept and a way to ridicule it. One of my favourite acts is my ‘Toothpaste Act’ I start onstage as a serenading tube of toothpaste, who becomes agitated and squeezes herself from her tube, revealing a minty swirl of a costume underneath. A concept so simple, yet so ridiculous to imagine!

Sugar's Lucille Ball Classic Act

LVC: Does comedy have a place in Classic Burlesque?
SDJ: Comedy can certainly have a place in classic burlesque. Consider the Golden Age of burlesque, mainly expanding over the 1920’s to early 1960’s We had history making comedic acts from Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, and Abbott and Costello to name only a few. Music and comedy went hand in hand in the Vaudeville years when burlesque was born. Comedy is very much a part of traditional, classic burlesque.

LVC: Your first group comedy routine was the Mangy Cats routine - can you talk us through the storyline of this piece? (Watch it below!)
SDJ: The mangy cats routine is hilarious to me because it plays on the very overdone act in the burlesque scene, as everyone loves the sexy, kitty cat onstage. When my students performed they pretended to be poor kittens wanting to be adopted, but ended up hissing, scratching, and generally trying to be as unappealing as possible to the audience. They loved it! When you can surprise your audience with the unexpected you will always get a bigger laugh.

LVC: Why should students who are NEW to burlesque try the comedy course? 
SDJ: Newbies to the burlesque stage should consider incorporating comedy into first time acts because it is a great way to get over a fear of being ridiculed onstage. If the audience laughs when you want them to laugh, you will feel like you have the upper hand.

LVC: Why should PROFESSIONAL or EXPERIENCED burlesque artists consider incorporating comedy into their acts?
SDJ: Experienced performers should try comedy because it’s a great way to get the audience on your side. Performers can sometimes lose the attention of an audience when they see classic after classic at a time. When your audience can laugh with you they will always be entertained, and you don’t have to stop being sexy either!

Sugar in her Dishwasher act

LVC: You recently dipped your toe in the stand-up comedy pool by combining standup and burlesque in one act at Cinderella's Secrets at Fringe World - can you describe one of the challenges you faced doing this?
SDJ: Really my main struggle was managing my time between my jokes and my striptease. Once I started talking with my audience I didn’t want to stop! I was restricted by my two minute music track before my strip. I will have to allow more time in the future!

Thanks Sugar for stopping by! If you'd like to find out more about Lady Velvet Cabaret's 6 Week Comedy Series burlesque course, click here or visit our Facebook event!

xox Lady Velvet Cabaret
LVC's 6 Week Comedy Series starts end of March.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

LVC and Kinetica complete a 100% sellout season at Fringe World 2014!

Wow! REVEAL was a great success! Over four nights, the Lunar Circus Big Top in the Pleasure Gardens was packed to capacity as audiences enjoyed the first ever collaboration between Lady Velvet Cabaret and Kinetica circus!

The cast of REVEAL
We had such a ball each night weaving a magical tale of hidden talents, secrets, lies and murder. Each performance was so much fun as audiences were treated to a show that revealed what lies beneath every character we come across in life!

Thanks so much to our talented performers and the team at Kinetica, plus Fringe World staff and our amazing audiences! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

2013 Wrap Up!

What an amazing year 2013 has been! We've loved every second of it and have had so much fun!

Recently our adult dance students participated in a largescale production with The WA Performance School, performing to a packed house in the state-of-the-art John Inverarity Music & Drama Centre. They did a fantastic job and for many of them it was their first time dancing onstage in front of an audience - let alone an audience of hundreds!

Cabaret Showgirl Malaga

Fringe is coming!

It's that time of year - we're busily preparing for 2014's Fringe World production. This year we will be joining forces with Kinetica Circus Arts to produce REVEAL.
A feast for the senses, this show tells a twisted tale and will have you on the edge of your seats. With breathtaking feats of acrobatics, aerial circus and contortion, seductive stripteases and sensual dance and cabaret, this show has it all! Be prepared for something quirky, something cheeky and something a little darker than your average cabaret show! Purchase tickets online now, or like the official Facebook page to stay up-to-date with what's happening.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Join our special CIRLESQUE workshop!

Time is running out - don't miss your chance to learn from Kinetica's Dion Del Pino and our very own Sugar du Joure - perfect for budding performance artists looking to capture the best of these two fantastic disciplines!

- Lady Velvet Cabaret x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

MAKESHIFT is over!

We can't believe it's over!

Our four day residency at 246 William Street as part of On William's Makeshift festival was a fantastic success!
Check out our Facebook album to see some happy snaps from the weekend's events, including sneak peeks from our Curves to Kill, Vintage Pinup and Great Gatsby photoshoots.

The weekend started off with a fun and fabulous Opening Night Party! We christened our new home at number 246 William with delicious wines from Repertoire Wines in Margaret River, beer from PFF sponsor Peroni, and food and sweets from European Foods. Our guests enjoyed a number of mini fashion displays to give them a taste of what to expect throughout the weekend - and for some, a shopping list for our Sunday markets! Blaah Designs (Blaauw by Monica), Red Stripe Clothing and The Powder Room  all displayed beautiful pieces, ranging from edgy and structural modern fashion pieces to vavavoom vintage beauties - all complemented with stunning handmade headpieces by Jessica Frank Millinery.
Guests also enjoyed performances from our models - who just happened to be some of Lady Velvet Cabaret's top burlesque artists! Sugar du Joure wow'd crowds with glittering risque routine, Lady Lace dropped jaws with a feisty burlesque solo, and Monet Petite performed a fiery samba-inspired routine.
Acts were snapped by Jennifer Villalobos Photography and Matsu Photography dropped by to catch some action too.

We kicked off our workshop series with our Curves to Kill class. Sugar du Joure gathered a huge number of resources and examples (including some gorgeous curvy models) to teach some fabulous ladies how to make fashion work for THEM! Covering areas that many people shy away from, Sugar attacked fashion dos, dont's, myths and mistakes head on, instilling in her students an understanding of their shapes, and a love of fabulous fashion! She answered questions, busted myths, demonstrated examples and gave top tips on where to find tricky wardrobe items and how to pull them off!
With some guidance on hair, makeup and posing for the camera, the girls were ready for their Jennifer Villalobos photo shoot! It was fantastic to see the transformation in so many of the ladies - some did not consider themselves photogenic at all when the course started, but shot incredible photos, gaining confidence and creativity throughout their shoots! We can't wait to see the final results, but you can catch some sneaky peeks in the photo above, or on Facebook!

Next it was the turn of the pinups! Bright and early on Saturday morning, 246 William was overrun with gorgeous vintage vixens who were keen to learn the art of the vintage pinup from Miss Perfect Pinup WA 2011/12 Lady Lace. Over a full length workshop, they learned everything from the history of the pinup, the hair, makeup and styling of the pinup, iconic vintage pinup poses, personalities, characterisations and even pinup names! Some of the students have also taken our Pinup Bootcamp class and were already retro devotees, but some were completely new to the idea of the pinup girl. No matter their experience, they all wow'd us with their composure, style and flair during their Jennifer Villalobos photo shoot - what a bunch of gorgeous girls!

After all that primping and posing, our girls had earned a break - so thanks to Burlesque High Tea, they enjoyed an hour of delicious sweets, snacks and treats, accompanied by a luxurious chocolate fountain and exotic tea buffet! Throughout this time, they got exclusive burlesque performances by their instructors Sugar, Monet and Lady Lace, who presented a varied programme of acts, ranging from sweet and demure to raucous and saucy! Tellingly, the final performance was from Charleston expert Monet Petite, who would teach the ladies some signature dance moves later on in the evening!

After the delicious tea, the next workshop begun! With a large group of dames (and one gent), including some celebrating the hens party of the lovely Kate, we went back in time to explore the Roaring 20s! Inspired by the hit film The Great Gatsby, our Flappers learned iconic 20s hair and makeup from Lady Lace, who explained the crucial differences between the 40s/50s looks previously covered, and the dark and dramatic 1920s look. With some help from Lady Lace, the guests learned their finger waves from their pincurls, and managed to recreate a dramatic 1920s hair and makeup look each! We were then visited by the lovely Zoe, of The Powder Room, who brought with her some lovely goodies for us to explore! With pieces from her Decadence & Hedonism range (which we spied at the opening party, and again at the markets!), as well as some luxurious faux fur and even cigarillos, she walked our guests through how to dress like the iconic 20s flapper, combining props, accessories and wardrobe to replicate the Gatsby look. She helped our guests work the camera, and there are so many fantastic snaps from Jennifer Villalobos Photography of our incredible 20s vamps and vixens! They rocked their photo shoot, and finally capped off their evening with a special treat - a Charleston lesson from Monet Petite! They bravely set out to learn one of the most energetic and frenetic dance styles of the 20th Century - learning knee-knocks, Suzie-Qs, mess arounds, and more - of course combining them with the Charleston. They performed their routine to wild applause and we hope they got to test their new moves out later that night!

After three days of exciting workshops and photoshoots, it was time to strip the venue back to its bare essentials in preparation for the influx of over 10 specialty vintage, retro, alternative and arts stalls! Sunday saw the opening of our Vintage Fashion Market, a free event which proved fun for the whole family. Joining us were stalls like Red Stripe (above), who sold brand new retro and reproduction wares like clothing, shoes, accessories and bags. Jessica Frank and The Powder Room joined forces to provide a massive stall which proved too much to resist for some - with handmade millinery and 1920s Flapper dresses. Independent sellers like Lady Lace, Lauren, and Amy brought along their personal collections of new and pre-loved pieces, including fashion, accessories, pasties, books, sunglasses, vintage brassieres and lingerie, and even a vintage wedding train!
Monica returned after displaying her Blaauw label at our opening night, selling her own handmade pieces as well as costume jewellery and new shirts and shoes. Our favourite online Showgirl boutique provided gorgeous fascinators, corsets and new clothing, while Sylvia Sippl sold original drawings, paintings, prints, bags, and more. Miss JamJam provided her iconic hair bows and accessories, while Whiskey and Rye Photography offered all marketgoers a special price on their legendary pinup photoshoots! Noveltea Vintage joined us for the first time, with their original pieces causing quite a stir, with vintage plates and books reimagined as unique retro-flavoured homewares proving popular!

What a massive weekend - a big thank you to everyone who helped make it such a success, from sponsors to creatives to workshop guests!

We can't wait for next year's Fashion Festival already!

- Lady Velvet Cabaret x